tungsten weedless ball head jig

The Gremlin

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Tungsten Weedless Ball Head Jig 

The Gremlin is a 97% tungsten, 3% nickel Tungsten Ball Head Jig, featuring a single Strand Titanium Wire Weed Guard and an UltraSharp Mustad hook. This Jig is great for fishing around cover with your favorite finesse baits. 

Available in various weights and hook sizes to match your preferred presentation. 

Size (all sizes come in a 3 pack) 

1/16 with 1/0 hook 

1/16 with 2/0 hook 

1/8 with 1/0 hook 

1/8 with 2/0 hook 

1/8 with 3/0 hook 

3/16 with 1/0 hook 

3/16 with 2/0 hook 

3/16 with 3/0 hook 

1/4  with 2/0 hook 

1/4 with 3/0 hook 

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