Tungsten Screw Lock mushroom Jig Head


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Tungsten Screw Lock Jig Head

Let’s just be honest for a minute- not all swimbait heads are created equal and Wicked Weights now raises the bar even higher with the newest addition to our arsenal- The Sidewinder Swimbait Head.

 So what makes this the baddest on the market? Well, it’s made of 97% tungsten, 3% nickel,  which keeps the overall bait  profile down, even on the heavier heads and screw lock keeper - this keeps the smallest swimbait looking natural and tracking true. 

The Sidewinder features a super sharp mustad hook which will keep Bass pinned on and result in more fish inside the boat. Acquire your target, lock on, and launch a Sidewinder today.

Available in various weights and hook sizes to match your preferred presentation. 

 Size (all sizes come in a 3 pack) 

1/8 with #1 hook.    

1/8  with 3/0 hook   

3/16 with 1/0 hook     

3/16 with 3/0 hook     

1/4 with 3/0 hook        

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