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This morning I’m sitting in the boat with an 11 year old and a 12 year old. One has never fished any kind of tournament and the other has fished numerous youth tournaments, neither of them have known the feeling of a successful day on the water. Yeah, no pressure.....

I feel compelled to ensure they get 5 fish in their live well today and feel that rush of walking to the weigh in with their bag of fish.

My plan is a quick trip to the back of a couple of pockets close by to try and get them a few good topwater blowups then to fish a bluff wall for 5 keepers if the topwater isn’t successful. As it turned out, kids were able to get one good keeper in the boat on a fighting frog, pegged with a Wicked Weights tungsten weight by flipping bushes. He broke off one that would’ve definitely went 4+......ugh, I should’ve checked his line. Both boys caught fish all day but were a little short of making the team. I was happy they were able to get some fish in the boat, even if they were short. Time to weigh in and their excitement is boiling as they fill their weigh bag with water and grab that big ole bass out of the live well. No 1st or 2nd place but with that 2.63 bass, they won $45 a piece and are now stoked for the next tournament.

As I stated earlier, one had never fished a tournament before and the other is in his 2nd year of the Youth Tournament league and NEVER weighed in a fish, but he did today and I’m so proud to have been there to see it. Fishing with these kids can be so much fun and gratifying that it’s indescribable. That old saying of, “You can lead a horse to water....comes to mind. You can get them to the fish but it is ultimately up to them in what goes in the live well, yet you still feel responsible for that to happen as well. Being a volunteer with the Arkansas Youth Anglers is humbling at most,

but so worth it.....SO MAKE THE TIME and invest in a kid’s future fishing endeavor, I promise you won’t regret it.

Author: Pam Horn

Wicked Weights Pro Staff Member

I’m a Louisiana girl that found a forever home in Arkansas where the fishing is awesome. I cherish time with my family and have discovered, the more I get to go fishing, the more I wanna go.

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