tungsten weighted underspin swimbait hook

Wicked Willow

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Tungsten Underspin Swimbait Hook 

The Wicked Willow is a bladed swimbait hook with a tungsten underbelly weight. It’s streamlined design allows you to fish it through almost any type of cover and allows your bait to have maximum action that will entice those big bites. 

Made with premium components- Ultra Sharp Mustad Hooks, and 97% tungsten, 3% nickel. 

Available in various weights and hook sizes to match your preferred presentation.

Size (one per pack)

1/8 with 3/0 hook

1/8 with 5/0 hook 

3/16 with 3/0 hook

3/16 with 6/0 hook

1/4 with 4/0 hook

1/4 with 5/0 hook

1/4 with 6/0 hook 

1/4 with 7/0 hook

3/8 with 4/0 hook

3/8 with 5/0 hook

1/2 with 6/0 hook

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