Mortar Bomb - BOS Flipping Weight

Mortar Bomb - BOS Flipping Weight

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The Mortar Bomb Black Onyx Series (BOS) is our standard 97% tungsten, 3% nickel flipping weight, with a few new features. Utilizing a chemical process to create a black oxide finish, we have improved the durability of the Mortar Bomb to greatly reduce chips or fading. 

As always, the weights have Diamond bored holes for a perfectly smooth line hole without inserts. No more line damage! Our unique hole design allows our larger size weights ( ¾ oz+) the ability to use a normal sized rubber insert or peg.

You will also notice the addition of the stamped weight visible on all BOS weights. This will allow you to grab the right weight every time, with no guesswork. 

Available in various weights to match your preferred presentation.

Size (QTY Per Pack)

1/8 (4pc)

3/16 (4pc)

1/4  (3pc)

3/8 (3pc)

1/2 (2pc)

5/8 (2pc)

3/4 (2pc)

1oz (2pc)

1 1/4 (1pc)

1 1/2 (1pc)

2oz (1pc)

2 1/4 (1pc)